The Measurements screen allows you to document the results of measurements taken in the building.


This drop-down box contains a few locations that may require measurements.

Measurement Type: 

This input lets you select from a list of types.

Measured Value and Units:

These inputs change depending on the selected Measurement Type be sure that you have selected the appropriate value and units.

Problem Description: 

This box allows you to type a description of the problem.

Recommended Action: 

This box is where you enter a short description of the recommended action to address the problem.

Repair Cost $:

This box is where you enter the cost of repairs.

Inspection Date: 

The default value for this date is the same as the date of the previously entered inspection. You can edit it as necessary.


You performed a blower door test in the building and need to record results in TREAT. Enter the measurements on the Infiltration Screen if you plan to model the building. TREAT will use the test results to calculate infiltration loss. Enter your findings on the Measurements screen if you need to document the test results and include them in the Measurements report, but are not running energy calculations for the model.

Measurement Wizard:

This button opens the Measurement Wizard screen.