The Model Inspector is started by clicking Tools -> Model Inspector on the main menu. It is also shown each time calculations are completed. The feature may be turned on/off from the Project Group ->Options menu or from within the Model Inspector.

This utility examines the data that has been entered for the base building and each improvement package to catch common data input errors. The verification algorithms are general rules designed to check that the input and output data has a minimum level of consistency with a logical building model and with TREAT calculation algorithms. The tool was developed to catch the typical problems that were encountered by users seeking technical support.

Note: Model Inspector warnings do not necessarily mean that there are errors in the project. They just indicate that the inputs and outputs are unusual.

There are five tabbed pages in the Model Inspector. A Help button on each page opens a context-sensitive help window that gives more information about that topic. A tooltip next to each warning provides hints on how to resolve the issue. Position the mouse pointer over the ? to view it. This section includes the following topics:

The Inspection Summary gives an overall count of the warnings on each page of the Model Inspector. This tab also shows monthly energy usage broken up by fuel type and end use if calculation results are available for the selected model.