Select the name of the space and exterior wall to which the door belongs from the drop down boxes at the top of the screen. Use the Previous Space and Next Space buttons to switch between spaces in the project. Use the Previous Wall and Next Wall buttons to switch between exterior surfaces of the selected space.

  • Click on the Door Description field once to display the default door construction, double-click to open the Door Library. The Code field as a shortcut to enter a door description.
  • Enter Width and Height of the door in feet. These fields are used by TREAT to calculate the net door area. An Error message will be displayed if the door area is greater than the area of the wall to which it belongs.
  • Use the Quantity field to enter multiple doors of the same construction that belong to the same surface.

Note: If the door has glass areas you must describe these areas separately on the Windows screen. Remember to adjust door width and height to exclude the glass area.