This section contains a brief description of the available toolbars located on the very top of the TREAT interface.

TREAT Project Toolbar: 

Use this toolbar to open existing projects or create a new project within a specific Project Group. These options can be used if you are submitting multiple models under the same program.

Reports tab:

Use the Reports tab to select from several default report styles. You can also select a default output type (PDF, Word, etc.).

Selecting Contractor Data allows you to upload a logo to be included in your reports. You can also input other information about your company to be included in reports. Contractor Data is also available through the libraries tab on the TREAT toolbar.


This menu contains a number of tools to assist you in creating your model. Options include a Combustion Air Calculator, the Input Billing Data tool, a Daily Weather Data Import, the TREAT Model Inspector, and finally an option to Rotate the Building.


The help drop down can send you to specific help pages for the corresponding screen of TREAT you are currently viewing. The option to Ask TREAT Support brings you to our ticketing systems to log a customer support ticket.

Note: An active support license is required to receive customer support, when logging a ticket please be sure to include your license number so that staff can verify an active support license.