The options discussed below are all accessible in the TREAT Project Group drop down menu.

Creating, Opening, and Saving Project Groups and Templates


This option creates a new project group (TPGX) with no projects defined.

Open -> Project Group:

This option opens an existing TPGX file from your computer

Open -> Edit Template:

This option opens a Project Group Template (PGTX) file. Templates allow you to pre-set many fields the way that you like them to have them ready for creating a new TPGX.

Open Most Recent:

This option opens the last TPGX file that the opened on this machine. The F3 function key is a convenient way to return to what you were last working on.

Recent Groups:

This sub-menu contains up to eight TPGX file names, representing the eight most recent TPGX files opened on this computer. The first file in the list is the most recently opened one.


Allows storing all changes to the current TPGX group (not only the selected project within the TPGX) to the TPGX file. When working with a TPGX the actual work is done over a temporary copy of the TPGX. This approach protects the original file from any corruption and data loss. Frequent use of Save while working on a project will significantly decrease the risk of lost data from system crashes.

Note: TREAT Temporary files can be used to recover work in the event that TREAT unexpectedly crashes. Temporary files are never a substitute for saving work periodically and cannot be used to recover work if the user closes TREAT.


Save As -> Project Group:

Saves changes to the currently active project group under a new name as a TPGX file. After the TPGX is saved under the new name, it becomes the currently active TPGX. (It is opened in TREAT.) Just like other software tools, saving as creates a new file. This option is useful for making modeling or improvement changes without making changes to the original TPGX.

Save As -> Template:

Saves changes to the currently active project group under a new name as a PGTX (Project Group Template) file. This works the same way as saving as a TPGX (TREAT Project Group) file, as described above. Files saved as Project Group Template files (PGTX) will be visible in the file selection dialog, but not in the Open Project Group screen.

Edit Description:

Presents the user with a screen to enter a description and/or any notes for the project group that is being saved.

Store Editable Libraries:

Allows the user to select which editable libraries from the currently active TPGX should be stored to the internal library depository for use with the other TPGX files.

The following editable libraries may be selected: Contractor, Customer, Daily Weather Data, User and Utility Rates. The depository can store only one copy of each library for future copying to other projects.

The Store Editable Libraries option is enabled when a TPGX is opened. No changes are made to the libraries in the open project when the Store Editable Libraries option is used. Which Editable Library is updated in each new TPGX is specified in the Project Group -> Options dialog.