• Operating Systems: Windows XP/VISTA/7 on PC or in a virtual machine like Parallels on Mac or VirtualBox on Linux
  • Disk space: the total required hard drive space is 3 GB on C: drive


If you are a Registered TREAT User with a previous version installed, store a copy of your current TREAT license number in a secure location.

  1. Open TREAT.
  2. Go to Registration.
  3. Copy and Paste your TREAT license number into a file.
  4. Save this file to My Documents or to your Desktop You will need this license number if you ever wish to transfer TREAT.
  5. You may wish to make regular backups of your TPGX file directory as well.

Download the TREAT Installation File

  1. Visit and fill out the download form to be directed to the TREAT version 3.4 download.
  2. Save the download to an appropriate location on your computer.

Install TREAT

  1. Close all running programs on your computer.
  2. Double click the downloaded file to initiate the automatic installation process.
  3. Read the Release Notes or README file for pertinent information on the new version.

Note: TREAT v 3.4 files are NOT backward compatible with versions of TREAT older than TREAT 3.3.1. In order to open a 3.4 version TPGX file, the minimum version of TREAT required is v 3.3.1.